Adding mobile advertising to your OOH campaign is like adding chakalaka to your pap, both are nice on their own, but they are incredible together.

We offer a range of mobile products that will amplify your current marketing campaigns…


Amplify your OOH campaign with digital ads served to mobile devices seen in proximity to your billboards. Research shows that consumers are 48% more likely to engage with you online after seeing corresponding OOH.

“What’s so special about our

location services?”

  • We have over 4 million publishers
  • We can lock onto a device with 5m accuracy
  • Once locked we can look back at 3-12 months of historical travel data
  • We can click to Google Maps and drive footfall to stores
  • We can track footfall to stores
  • We can target a competitor audience.


TV Sync and Sportsmoments are solutions to the dual screening generation. Trigger your social media ads with your, or a competitor’s, TVC. Or use iconic moments in a sports game to trigger highly contextual social ads.

“What’s so special about our

sync services?”

  • Social ads pushed within 3sec of the trigger
  • Target competitor TVC’s and steal consumers attention
  • Achieve up to 5x higher engagement with your social ads
  • Serve digital ads across Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Apps
  • Sports Triggers: Goal, hit a 6, penalty, etc..


Serve highly contextual digital ads to a captive audience on YouTube. Use selected visual triggers to activate your digital ads in context or steal attention away from competitors by targeting their logo’s or product reviews.

“What’s so special about


  • Much safer than using word/audio triggers
  • Target consumers in the right frame of mind
  • A captive audience: 1 Billion hours of video consumed everyday
  • 70% of consumers watch via their mobile phone
  • Types of visual triggers: Facial expressions, iconic landmarks, logo’s, activities or actions, random objects like camera’s or ice-creams…